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About Two If By SeaFoods


  • Sustainable Fishery
  • Family-owned Small Business
  • 5 Generations of Heritage & Tradition
  • Pristine Waters
  • Sushi Grade Blast Frozen
  • Premium Protein & Omegas

TIBS is owned and operated by a fishing family whose Alaska story goes back to the Gold Rush.  Father Ernie Ford was born and raised in the small village of Aleknagik, and began barging and fishing as a child.  Ernie's daughter Shannon was employed in the fishery beginning at age 9 and has been continually fishing ever since.  In 2004, Ernie's uncle built the Paul Revere for Shannon, and in 2008, she started her own small business selling her premium catch directly. In 2009, Shannon hired a stalwart crewman who worked out so well that she married him (good crew is hard to find!).  The Captain and First Mate (Don) fished last season with a new crew member in production, and this year, Baby Otter will see her first summer in Bristol Bay.  Start 'em early, that's what we say! Shannon is the 4th generation to fish her site, so Otter will be the 5th. 

We are obsessed with preserving this most perfect food from the minute it comes out of the cold salt water to when you receive your vacuum-packed fillet or smoked strips.  We also are committed to the future of our fishery, including the ecosystem and survival of our fleet.  TIBS continues to stand against the proposed Pebble Mine and works to promote safety issues.  Having lived to tell the tale of our own boat sinking, we are dedicated to making sure everybody comes home!

Eating TIBS salmon is not just a delectable taste and nutritious experience:  you become a part of our way of life and family tradition!


Two If By SeaFoods