TIBS Salmon Products

* These vary according to the season and supply - please contact us for current inventory & pricing.  We can also make arrangements for local delivery or shipment nationwide.*

  • Fresh Frozen Sockeye Fillets (sides & portions)
  • Fresh Frozen Sockeye Whole Fish (headed & gutted)
  • Fresh Frozen Sockeye Steaks
  • Fresh Frozen King Salmon
  • Fresh Frozen Coho Salmon
  • Hot Smoked Sockeye
  • NW Style Lox (Sockeye)
  • NY Style Lox (Pink)
  • Smoked Candied Strips (Salmon Candy)
  • Smoked Candied Belly Strips (Salmon Bacon)
  • Gourmet Salmon Dip
  • Salmon Caviar (Classic, Red Hawaiian Alaea, Alder Smoked, & French Grey Sea Salt)
  • Canned Sockeye (Classic or Smoked)


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The fish are coming!  The fish are coming!